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About People Finders

 So you would like to know more about us. We are a business that is dedicated to finding missing people, checking background records, locating missing relatives, and you name it we can find those missing people. If not most of our products come with a no find no fee service which means if we can not find information then you do not pay. Very simple !

 MPIS was the original company that we started 12 years ago then we changed names to America People Finders, LLC.  We started back in 1997 when the internet was young and not many resources were available online. We started from one small computer back in 1997 to today where we have many workstations, and many servers to better help our customers needs.

 America People Finders has helped many people worldwide to locate missing people, bad debtors, criminals, and useful information to help you make smart business decisions.

America People Finders was started with one small PC and a small ISP web hosting account. We have worked very hard over the years to provide our customers with useful information. This information is used each and every day to help people like you.

 Our clients include attorneys, private investigators, insurance companies, government agencies and private citizens. In the rather crowded field of search services and background checkers we have been shown on the cover of USAtoday.com among the top companys.

America People Finders is as intrusive as you need us to be. We investigate the identity, reputation, conduct, affiliations, associations, movements, and whereabouts of just about anyone - potential business partners, employees of questionable scruples, debtors, even prospective spouses and relatives-to-be. We simply find you information!

Today requesting investigative services has never been easier than using our web site. All searches are available with a simple point and click. Order today and see how easy it is.

Thank you to all of our present and future customers.